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      【ACCA F1考試題】acca每日一練25-26題(6月5日)

      2019-06-05 16:35:08| 安徽中公教育網


      22.19 Which of the following situations may give rise to a source of positive or constructive conflict?

      A Hostility between employees

      B The task is lost sight of due to individual arguments

      C A dispute focuses attention on individual contributions (1 mark)

      23.1 (a) Which two of the following conditions would show that a task is important to an organisation?

      A The task will satisfy a key customer

      B The task comes in an email marked urgent

      C The task will add value to the organisation

      D The task has already been delegated by two superiors (2 marks)

      (b) Are the following statements true or false?

      (i) A meeting without a clear objective will always give value to everyone attending for the time taken.

      (ii) Time management can be improved by setting aside times when an individual is not contactable by others. (2 marks)

      22.19 C Rationale: Focusing attention on an individual's contribution may be constructive, if it brings the

      employees involved to realise what each contributes.

      23.1 (a) A, C These are two of the conditions of an important task. The other is that the potential consequences of failure are long-term, difficult to reverse, far reaching and costly.

      (b) (i) False Meetings without objectives can be a waste of time for all those attending.

      (ii) True Constant interruptions from others can prevent work being completed. Setting aside time for these tasks will improve tie management.




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